Why Influencers Are Leaving Snapchat for Instagram

And It's For The Right Reasons For Brands Too Similar to the mass exodus of the Israelites in the 8th century, influencers and brand marketers are fleeing from Snapchat at massive rates to set up civilization on Instagram.http://bit.ly/2Ge63df


Choosing which Influencers to Use for A B2B Influencer Campaign

How Business Brands Can Excel At Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing continues to prove itself to be successful time and time again for many different brands. From fashion to travel, tech to pets, influencer marketing has provided consumer facing brands with a pathway to authentically interact with a highly targeted and engaged audience. But, can this…Read more Choosing which Influencers to Use for A B2B Influencer Campaign

Celebrity Endorsements with Bollywood Influencers

The International Appeal Of India's Stars Global brands seeking to impact an international audience through entertainment and celebrities have a phenomenal platform to leverage - the thriving world of Bollywood. For brands, Bollywood offers big celebrity names, massive fame potential, AND ability to get into the game of exciting content marketing within one of the…Read more Celebrity Endorsements with Bollywood Influencers